So today’s post is a permitted rant.
About the future, and what makes me worry about above said future.
I’m 17 years old, and am at that point in life where everybody makes mistakes. About education, love, friends and family. (Bleh, I agree, but it’s the truth.)
Where ties are broken and new bonds are created. Where you realize that nothing that you actually deserve happens to you, and yes, it is unfair, but sadly, we don’t have a choice but to deal with it.
Without going into details (because, 1. They would bore you, and 2. I’m kind of concerned about my safety), I’ll tell you where I am (figuratively, of course.) I was a good student at school, academically and otherwise. All my life, I was destined to become a doctor. (1. It sounds like something from a cheesy Indian movie, but it’s not, and 2. I forgot what this point was because my Daschund nearly battering-rammed into my room, so I had to go let her in.)
Anyway, now that I have finished my schooling (did I not mention that I had?), and because of a strange turn of events, I stand at a point where I could (fight my way through and) choose not to become a doctor. I’m basically at an existential crisis! (Yes. I exaggerate. It’s part of the job description.) 

This choice, could change many things.

I spent 17 years groomed to be a doctor and now I want to try my hand, at, say, journalism! I would love to do something amazing and cool but still end up learning. Apart from the fact that I love writing. And reading. And so many other things.

So, my question is, what do I choose? 

Do I keep my good grades, become a doctor, work everyday and save lives and live with the satisfaction of having helped somebody else (but not always myself), 


Do I study journalism, and then remember my love for physics, and history, and study those subjects too, travel around the world, open up a dog farm, grow old and happy, happy that I made myself happy?

So what do you choose? 

The road not taken, or the road you don’t have a choice but to take?

(Wow. I just answered my own question, didn’t I?)


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