From the happily ever after to the sadly never after:


Boy meets girl. Sparks fly and hearts flutter. A song comes on and a duet is had. Bad guy comes in and holds things up for a while before good triumphs over evil and boy and girl get back together and have their happily ever after.

Well, nowadays this comforting turn of events seems to no longer be in vogue. No, ma’am. What happens now, you ask me? Well, boy dies of cancer. Or if he fails to do that, he gets stabbed by fifty people. If he doesn’t cooperate with that either, well bad luck for him. Girl falls in love with another guy while he’s off being self sacrificing. Or a bomb goes off and she loses her leg. He dies and leaves her letters to help her get over it. Or at the end of the saga, they’ve fought off the bad guys and the friend’s limped off to heal after being wounded, and the girl’s got her own dragon now, but they decide to part ways after telling each other their names.  Now how ridiculous is this getting.

Well that seems to be all the rage these days. Authors apparently don’t want their characters to live happily ever after. Or live at all. We’re apparently in the middle of some sort of – let’s have fun killing people in books because it’s legal- age. The best of them become serial killers and kill off all the characters. After making you like them, and in increasingly gruesome ways.

What has the world come to, I ask you. When one can’t pick up a book and spend three hours on it, and emerge smiling because they got married and are having kids. No they’re grieving forever at the other’s grave or better yet, buried next to each other. Gone is the day of the comfort read. The days of saying- ‘ be still my beating heart. All’s well. It has to be. Nothing happens to the hero’. Well, those days are done and over with. This fever has caught on and is raging. Books, movies, there seems to be no exception.

Well, I for one am sick and tired. I want my characters to be happy. And I want to be happy with them. I want to pick up my favourite book and curl up with it and laugh and cry because everybody’s so happy. Not cry and feel depressed and swear off love because it hurts. Love is supposed to be the holy grail of a dreaming teenage girl. Real life better not interfere. And who said real life is a sadist, anyway?

Some optimism is good for life. And if we can’t even depend upon fiction to give us our fair share, then what happens to us? Our imagination should be able to be happy without so called reality intervening!

Call me naive, call me a dreamer, but I for one, want my happy endings. I want my hero and heroine to kiss and make up. I want good to triumph. Love to prevail. Damn real life and bring back the happily ever after. That’s what fiction is for anyway. To inspire. To instill joy. To let imagination run free.

Raise your glasses to the happily ever after! 



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