And through my looking glass, I see…

Well, a green wall. But that’s not the point. I’ve been sitting here, for an hour. Dreaming. To be accurate, day dreaming. Shall we say, lost in my own world, so I don’t feel so lazy. Outwardly, I’m just sitting here. But boy, is that a deception. My mind is whizzing  past everything around me. My mind, is on the future. To be mysterious, my mind is where even I cannot go. Until tomorrow, at the very least.

So what is it that has me in this peculiar – but very comfortable, mind- mood? I, am looking forward. I’m looking forward – to lunch, for one thing. But also, next Sunday. Next Sunday, my life will be completely different. No exams to look at on my timetable and worry about. No me with an inner monologue, because I’ll have better things to do. No more dragging myself out of bed in the morning for college, because hurray, the holidays are here. Now I feel, very justifiably, that this requires more emphasis.

My holidays. Glorious days off, when I can go home. Be with my family. When I can have good food. When I can study only if I want to. Ha. As if. Where I can wear clothes that are more suitable for the heat than my three piece churidhar with a white coat. Those white coats. Lip curl. Made for baking in the Chennai heat. Next Sunday, I’ll be looking forward to above described heaven.

Speaking of looking forward, Mangoes. Yes. Capitalised. They’re the only reason I think of summer without an accompanying murderous grunt. A very tired grunt, mind. This heat saps the life out of you. All I want to do, is curl up and hibernate. What’s it called in summer again?

Believe me, if you think of a summer in India in terms of all the life and colours and exotic fruit? You’re in for disillusionment. Its hot. Its dry. Its dusty. And its sticky. No heavenly light summer showers for you. There are days my book sticks to my hand when I’m studying. I’m throwing in Chennai humidity, which will account for this and a hundred other infuriating things. I can’t say anything negative about the fruit, though. Grapes and mangoes, absolutely.

Look at me, reduced to talking about the weather. Hi, nice to meet you. We’re currently making small talk, you and I.


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